About This Blog

Hello reader! Welcome to Adventure and All That, my blogging project to document my travels both at home in America and abroad elsewhere. Here you are going to find stories, photos, notes, tips, thoughts, and many of my rambles on travel, adventure and life!

Are you still there? Great! Those of you who decided to stick around are now an extremely valued subsection of the world. You folks are pretty much in an elite club now, like the Illuminati or the X-men. What are the perks of this elite membership? Reading about my kickass adventures!

Where do I begin?

How about with my face. It looks like this:

Tall, dark and dorky

A little over one year ago I traveled on my own for the first time. To make that milestone even more grand, I traveled almost as far away as someone could from my home. All the way from Michigan, USA to New Zealand for a whole month! I didn’t know anyone on the trip previously or anyone in the country upon the time of my departure. Into the unknown I jumped and when I landed, a new sense of self was discovered. In deciding to take on this journey, I experienced the stirring joys of freedom and adventure like never before. I was bit by the travel bug, hard.

Since then I have decided to make it my goal to travel the world and live as adventurously as I possibly can. Of course, when one makes goals, life does not always want to play along. Being a college student with a disproportionate amount of debt to income ratio, I don’t see myself being a huge globetrotting jet-setter anytime in the immediate future. Definitely not until I graduate later on in 2013.

I did however have one small victory over my situation earlier this summer. I was presented and took the opportunity to live in China for a month and study at a University there! Somehow, between eating steamed buns every single day and butchering the Chinese language in a manner akin to Sweeny Todd barbering the denizens of Fleet Street , I met some amazing people from a commonly misunderstood country and we became very good friends.

And that is the crux of my story and my blog. I am not going to be updating it every other week with information on a new city I am traveling in. I am not at that point just yet. I will, however, share with you the stories I have lived from my past travels as well as my thoughts and experiences in everyday life concerning traveling, both abroad and here in America. At the same time, I will be traveling abroad again and you will have those stories to look forward to as well (included with your elite membership, aren’t you lucky?). So here it is, life, culture, adventure and all that!



2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I am so interested in hearing your perspective on travel and learning more about your journeys. Take me away, Calgon….um, I mean Quentin!

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